UK Manufacturing Industry Growth

As the result of a recent survey that the British Cambers of Commerce undertook there have been some factors identified that are strong indication factors that the UK manufacturing industry is on its way to recovery. The most prominent factor in line with George Osborne’s focus to rebalance the economy is the access of investment available for companies. This is in the efforts to encourage and further boost the favourable conditions for exporting from the UK.


Main contributing factors this far have been due to an increase in output in the following sectors:

  • Transport Equipment
  • Tobacco
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food

The Office for National Statistics states a cumulative output growth of 1% but a growth of 3.8% for the UK since last year. Which in the stages of economic recovery is great for the UK industry. This puts the UK manufacturing industry at nearly a 3 year high with outstanding results and favourable trading environments.