The Take Over Of Smart Doorbells – Where Did They Come From?

It is likely that when you are walking around your local neighbourhood you have noticed smart doorbells, or you may even have one yourself. But, where did these smart doorbells come from? With everything, it is important to look back on where items originated from, so this is what we are going to do today.

The First-Ever Doorbell
There are two main doorbells I want to discuss with you today. The first two to ever come around.
The first being a metal ring that would hang on the door that you could use as a knocker. This came around after people were becoming sore from knocking on doors, so someone invented this item, which is still used today, to save your hands!
The second is where the name doorbell came from. It is essentially a bell on your door. People would hang bells by their doors for people to ring to make the homeowner aware they were at the door.

How Have Doorbells Changed?
It is without a doubt that doorbells have taken a massive change. With them slowly progressing from a simple bell hanging by the door. To being an electronic doorbell with a simple button press that you would be able to hear all over your home. These electronic doorbells are still commonly used today, but there has been more progress in recent years. We have seen the invention of video camera doorbells. These work the same as electronic doorbells but they have another feature. They can provide you with video footage of everyone who goes near your front door. They can also connect to your phone, allowing you to communicate with anyone who is at your door while you are away from your home.

Video doorbells have become increasingly popular with them adding an extra layer of protection to your home.