The features of sectional overhead doors

Sectional overhead doors are not to be confused with sectional garage doors. When we refer to a sectional overhead door, we mean an industrial door which utilises “sections” to provide excellent thermal insulation and sound acoustic qualities for the commercial and industrial sector. These doors are not for residential requirements – not unless you have a factory in your back garden! 

So what are sectional overhead doors and why are they so useful?

They are simply vertically-opening doors, constructed using multiple panel sections that are built to last. They are designed to protect factories and warehouses from the harsh weather conditions and other outside elements. 

In most cases, designs feature double skinned steel foam filled panels as well as aluminium framed and glazed panels for the varying degrees of top quality section. The vertical opening creates more room ahead of and behind the door allowing you to park vehicles closer and utilise more room inside the building. This is why they are especially useful for warehouses and logistics sites, and you’ve probably come across many examples without knowing, whenever you’re passing by industrial sites. 

Obviously, not all warehouses, factories or delivery centres have the same construction, and there can be cases of having sectional overhead doors fitted for angled roofs. In cases like this, special tracks are needed, so the door panels open in line with the roof. In most cases, these doors are manufactured to a company’s specific processes and workflows, but you’ll certainly be guaranteed excellent access control capable of withstanding high usage volumes to deal with all levels of commercial workloads.

Another point we do want to add is that these doors can be rather attractive, making a building look more modern and reflective of your company’s reputation. They are also straightforward to work, while you can find many glazed and panel overhead sectional industrial doors that are durable with a tight-sealing fit, for all manner of commercial and commercial facilities. As with all industrial units, no matter how large or small, the door you choose is pivotal, as it’s an important component within the movement of products into and out of facilities and vehicles. 

The top models also provide maximum thermal insulation and weather protection for warehouses, distribution centres and workshop type facilities. Whether you need a door that delivers excellent visibility and daylight inlet with a sturdy structure or require a fully-glazed door that’s sleek and minimal, you’ll find many different designs and styles online. Always be sure to take a look at the designs you like before speaking with a manufacturer, and try to measure the opening yourself, so you can round up a few quotations.