The Different Types of Moulding Machinery

There are many different methods that can be used for moulding plastics. Today, we are going to share two of the more common moulding techniques and what they are used for.

Thermoforming Moulding Process
This type of moulding process uses sheets of thin thermoplastic that is pressed into the mould through a vacuum process. The plastic will be heated until it is malleable which is when it will go through a vacuum to be put into place. This moulding process leaves no visible seams on the finished product, you will just need to trim away any excess plastic that escaped the mould.

Vacuum Forming
This form of moulding technology is where a thin sheet of plastic or film is stretched over a mould. The vacuum process will then suck the film around the mould creating the product that you desire. this can again be used for products that need a clean finish to them, with no seams showing.