How Is Technology Changing Our Homes?

Technology has been growing rapidly and it is starting to take over our every day lives. It is even starting to enter our homes. But how has technology changed our homes?

When thinking about technology changing our lives and home lives, we will always think about phones. Us spending time on our phones. But this is not it all. Technology is also beginning to take over how we control our home. For example, doorbells which we can see through and talk to people through. There are no more people assuming your not home, just let them know. Even simple tasks like turning on your lights have been taken over. You can now get lightbulbs which you control from your phone or remotes. Allowing you to turn them on and off, sometimes even change their colour depending on your mood. Some of these lightbulbs even allow you to set them so they come on at certain times of the day to simulate you being home.