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A Simple Understanding of Home Technology

We can all see that technology is taking over our home lives. Some people may be wary of this with technology being something they do not want to trust. So, let’s share with you a simple understanding of home technology and how it will help you.

One piece of technology that is entering many homes across the UK is smart speakers. This is a speaker that listens to you and responds to any of your questions. They can play music and even read your recipes. Giving you a hand frees experience with cooking and music changes.

Home technology can also stretch to CCTV and home alarm systems. These two give you added protection to your home. Helping many people to feel safer in their own homes than they would without these pieces of technology.

So whilst technology is taking over our homes. They can be both for fun and protection. It isn’t all bad, it is going to bring some great benefits to your home life.

Should I Convert My Home To A Smart Home?

A smart home may seem like it is going to be really technical, but that is not always the case. So, if you are putting off converting your home to a smart home due to the technicality, then please think again and continue reading this post!

Smart homes are not that technical. In fact, they are fairly simple. Once you understand how to work each aspect of a smart homes features you will understand what we mean. Some of the simplest ways to upgrade your home to a smart home is installing smart lightbulbs, sockets and meters.

All of these different smart features come with a range of their own benefits. We will speak more in-depth in these in another post. But mainly tit is the service they offer you.

Smart features in your home can help you to protect your home. It can make it seem like they’re are people home by simply turning on and off the lights at appropriate times of the day.

Smart features in your home can also help you to save money. This is because you will become more aware of the money you are spending on your bills. This can help you to cut back and find ways to limit the amount you are spending on these bills.

Smart features in your home can also make it easier for you to complete tasks. They make it possible for you to control different aspects of your home from you phone. For example, you can turn lights off without needing to leave your bed. Or you can turn your heating on to warm up your home before you get home.

All of the smart teachnolgy you can bring into your home will be worth it. You will find that your life becomes more efficient and in turn you begin to save money.

The Take Over Of Smart Doorbells – Where Did They Come From?

It is likely that when you are walking around your local neighbourhood you have noticed smart doorbells, or you may even have one yourself. But, where did these smart doorbells come from? With everything, it is important to look back on where items originated from, so this is what we are going to do today.

The First-Ever Doorbell
There are two main doorbells I want to discuss with you today. The first two to ever come around.
The first being a metal ring that would hang on the door that you could use as a knocker. This came around after people were becoming sore from knocking on doors, so someone invented this item, which is still used today, to save your hands!
The second is where the name doorbell came from. It is essentially a bell on your door. People would hang bells by their doors for people to ring to make the homeowner aware they were at the door.

How Have Doorbells Changed?
It is without a doubt that doorbells have taken a massive change. With them slowly progressing from a simple bell hanging by the door. To being an electronic doorbell with a simple button press that you would be able to hear all over your home. These electronic doorbells are still commonly used today, but there has been more progress in recent years. We have seen the invention of video camera doorbells. These work the same as electronic doorbells but they have another feature. They can provide you with video footage of everyone who goes near your front door. They can also connect to your phone, allowing you to communicate with anyone who is at your door while you are away from your home.

Video doorbells have become increasingly popular with them adding an extra layer of protection to your home.

Are Smart Plugs Worth The Money?

Smart plugs are becoming extremely popular in homes across the UK. With people wanting to upgrade their homes to a smart home. Regardless of this, smart plugs are still extremely expensive. This is why today we are going to discuss with you whether or not smart plugs are truly worth their expensive price tags by looking deeper into their benefits.

Control From Your Phone
One of the main benefits of smart plugs, the main reason why people purchase them, is because you can control them from your phone. Meaning if you forget to turn off your plugs, there is no need to worry as you will be able to control it from your phone.

Managing Your Family
Smart plugs also give you the opportunity to control and manage your family. We all know that families are spending more and more time using electronics. With you being able to control these from your phone you can control when they are on and off. Meaning you can limit the amount of time everyone spends watching tv and playing games.

Saving You Money
Smart plugs offer you the opportunity to save money in your home on your electricity bill. This is due to smart plugs offering you the chance to look and track how much electricity is being used. Meaning you will be able to monitor how much money you are spending. As well as turn off any plugs you are not using at any moment.

There are so many benefits to having smart plugs in your home. They are best for families who want to be up to date with technology, as well as monitoring their home to save the most money possible. In our opinion, smart plugs are worth the money if you want to work hard to save money in your home.

How technology is transforming fast food outlets

If you’ve visited a major fast food outlet in a city recently you have probably noticed just how advanced the ordering systems are. In some major chains, you don’t even need to speak to a member of staff to place your order, you simply select the meal you’d like on an LCD screen and then a receipt is printed with an order number. That number is then called and you can walk up to collect your meal.

It’s crazy to think just how far these chains have come, we’ve moved on so quickly from basic tills that open and close, with waiters holding a pen and paper, to now; a restaurant that requires very little interaction at all. Of course, there is still the opportunity to order your meal at the counter, but the fact that you don’t even have to nowadays goes to show just how far we’ve come and things will only become more automated in the future. Perhaps we won’t even need chefs!

What’s The Best Size For a TV?

When choosing a TV, one of the most important things to get right is the size of the screen. TV screens can range from small, at around 17-27-inches, to large screens at about 47-56 inches. A bigger screen means a bigger TV overall, so it’s important to make sure there is room for it beforehand.

To make sure the TV will be the right size all it takes is a few measurements. Measure the distance from where it will be viewed from, usually a sofa, to where the TV will be placed.

It’s even possible to use a TV size screen calculator to work out the best size. These will tell you the best size for a TV based on the viewing distance. Remember that different TV resolutions, such as HD and 4k will have different ideal viewing distances, and any additional lighting in the room may also effect it’s visibility.