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Reasons Why You Want Your Panels Made of Aluminium

When creating the cover of any piece of equipment you need strength and durability. For the most part those two factors are the most important. But for electronic equipment, you need more. The material of the control panel has to not be corrosive, has to be heat resistant, and look good. A material that has all of those qualities is anodized aluminium.

Why Anodize the Aluminium?

Anodizing is the name of the processes used on metals to treat them so that they may be used for many different purposes that they would otherwise not be able to be used for. When anodizing is used on aluminium, it forms a oxidized coating adhered to the metal. This coating is hard, strengthens the metal, relatively inert, electrically insulating and can absorb dyes.

Benefits of Using Anodized Aluminium

The aluminium fascia control panels that have been anodized have greater durability. The process of anodizing aluminium actually strengthens the metal. It makes its lifespan into the life of the product itself – probably longer.

The color of the item will not fade, clip, or become discolored because of heat. The anodized coatings create an amazing color stability. The scratch resistance will also keep the colour from coming off the panel.

The maintenance on aluminium fascia control panels that have been anodized is minimal. The surface reduces any scratching and can be cleaned with a simple mild soap and water solution.  Read More

How soon can we expect to see full automation in manufacturing

Automation has been going on in the manufacturing industry for generations, to the point where 10 people can now be as productive as what 100 people could do 50 years ago, at least in most industries. This then begs the question of how much further this can go, and how soon can we expect it.

For businesses engaged in the manufacturing industry, the answer to this question is never clear. If we were to make a concerted effort to see it happen, then it could probably be done now in most businesses, with the exception being a worker who looks after the equipment, but at this point in time it is uneconomical. As the costs of employment do periodically rise, we could see this change and it may also be impacted by improvements in technology which could also make it more economical.

Should You Choose Aluminium Fascia Panels

Aluminium fascia panels are most preferred when building or renovating homes. This is because aluminium does not rust and can be fitted below the roof more easily. The fascia panels that are made from this metal are very durable and do not need a lot of maintenance. You will not be required to paint or coat them so that they can remain protected for long. They are also cost effective and so easy to replace when they become worn out.

The fascia panels are resistant to weathering conditions that are associated with harsh winters. They are great for controlling ice dam buildup on the roof. During summer, these fascia panels are very great for controlling energy costs by maintaining proper balance of temperature in the interior attic. If the house does not have proper ventilation, there will be moisture problems as well as inefficient energy insulation especially in the overhang areas.

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Automotive Aerodynamics and Today’s Technology

When you look at some of the earliest cars form the 1900s you’ll notice that shape has changed dramatically over time, and that’s all to do with today’s technology and the developments in automotive aerodynamics.


It’s not just enough for a car to look good today, it should also be aerodynamic, meaning it’s designed to save fuel and move more efficiently. In the design stage of vehicle manufacturing, it’s crucial that the car has balance, down force and a slip stream. Some of the fastest sports cars reflect excellent automotive aerodynamics, such as the Bugatti Veyron.

Technology continues to develop and so do the many new models that hit the market, and we’re bound to see many more improvements in the near future in terms of automotive aerodynamics.

UK Manufacturing Industry Growth

As the result of a recent survey that the British Cambers of Commerce undertook there have been some factors identified that are strong indication factors that the UK manufacturing industry is on its way to recovery. The most prominent factor in line with George Osborne’s focus to rebalance the economy is the access of investment available for companies. This is in the efforts to encourage and further boost the favourable conditions for exporting from the UK.


Main contributing factors this far have been due to an increase in output in the following sectors:

  • Transport Equipment
  • Tobacco
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food

The Office for National Statistics states a cumulative output growth of 1% but a growth of 3.8% for the UK since last year. Which in the stages of economic recovery is great for the UK industry. This puts the UK manufacturing industry at nearly a 3 year high with outstanding results and favourable trading environments.

Compressor Equipments: Things You Need To Know About Them?

Just like pumps, compressors pressurise a gas by reducing its volume. There are many types of compressor equipments that are available in the market today. These equipments are used in various applications. For instance, in refrigeration and air conditioning are used to carry heat in the respective cycles. Without them, it would be impossible to fill pneumatic tyres or power pneumatic tools in service stations and auto repair enterprises. Generally, compression is needed in filling high-pressured cylinders that are used in many day-to-day applications.

What advantages come with the use of compressor equipment?

First, they are powerful and are equipped to do any kind of designed job, whether at home on in the industry as compared to other traditional electrical equipment and tools. Secondly, they are efficient and can get work easily done due to their higher torque. Thirdly, they are safe compared to many sources and lastly, they are flexible as they are easily interchangeable.

Their Use

They range from light to heavy duty depending on whether they are used for home or business use. Homeowners usually require the type that can drive common tools like reversible drills, brad nails, and impact wrenches and therefore need small units that can easily be moved or wheeled from the garage. It is however important to purchase the type that will drive the available air tool. For business purposes, those used are of industrial grade and are designed for more demanding duties. Some are portable, but many are stationary.

Sources of power

Depending on the location of one’s project, these equipments can be powered using different sources. There are electric powered and gasoline powered compressors that are useful in places where there is no electricity. It is also important to consider the required voltage and phase of your equipment and depending on the available power, one can use single, two or three-phase. Available also are single and two-stage ones. Single-stage can be used by homeowners, but for industrial applications, two-stage compressors are important because they are more efficient and can handle high-pressure ones.

Features to consider for compressors

• Vertical vs. Horizontal type – One can choose the kind of compressor depending on the available space. For example, for portability purposes, small horizontal ones are better and can be placed easily on a truck while the vertical one takes little space and are usually good for stationary compressors.

• Cylinder design. Because heat always limits the function of compressors, V-shaped compressors are better than in-line ones as they easily cool down.
• Oil free compressors are good for simple general duties as they are maintenance free.
• For a long lasting, heat transferring and little vibrations, belt-driven type are the best.
• Dual control type are good as they offer both automatic start/stop operation as well as 100% continuous speed operation.
• Cylinders should have a standard material, which is cast iron.
• One should ensure that a full packaged unit is delivered, i.e. motor start, dual control, as well as condensate drain.

Many dealers stock various kinds of compressor equipment and it is best to choose the one that offers quality products, have attractive after sale services, and a good customer support.