Author: Andy

How Dams Are Designed

The design of a concrete dam depends largely on the purpose of the dam, as well as the configuration of the site on which it will be built. There are two primary types of dams, overflow dams and non-overflow.

Overflow dams block the flow of a stream and harness the water for power generation, they are also often used to improve navigation and provide irrigation water. An overflow dam is designed so that water can be released, allowing the level of water in the reservoir to be regulated by a series of sluice gates, spillways and outlet tunnels.

Non-overflow dams are mainly used to tore water for drinking water supply, irrigation, or power; they also have a spillway, but its use is restricted for emergencies to lower the water level quickly during floods. The methods for releasing stored water in non-overflow dams are limited when compared to overflow as this design does not contain any outlet structures. However, water may be sometimes be pumped out for irrigation or other uses.

What’s The Best Size For a TV?

When choosing a TV, one of the most important things to get right is the size of the screen. TV screens can range from small, at around 17-27-inches, to large screens at about 47-56 inches. A bigger screen means a bigger TV overall, so it’s important to make sure there is room for it beforehand.

To make sure the TV will be the right size all it takes is a few measurements. Measure the distance from where it will be viewed from, usually a sofa, to where the TV will be placed.

It’s even possible to use a TV size screen calculator to work out the best size. These will tell you the best size for a TV based on the viewing distance. Remember that different TV resolutions, such as HD and 4k will have different ideal viewing distances, and any additional lighting in the room may also effect it’s visibility.


How To Use an Outdoor Camping Stove

Camping stoves are an important part of all outdoor adventures. They are what make a camping trip a camping trip, but they can be fiddly to set up and use correctly. Here is a step by step guide on how to use a solid fuel camping stove to help avoid the hassle.

Setting up and using a camping stove

  1. Open the stove and place it on a flat surface, ideally a patch of ground away from grass or a flat stone surface.
  2. Place the solid fuel blocks onto the stove and light using an outdoor match once they are in position.
  3. Once lit, place they pan or other cooking item on top of the stove. Remove once you’ve finished heating.
  4. Keep an eye on the flame and top up with solid fuel blocks when necessary.

Once the stove has been finished with be sure to let it cool down completely before handling again.


Producing Plastic Goods – How? How Many? And How Fast?

Plastic goods are everywhere, from plates to planes, it’s a technology that became popular around the mid-20th century and has only grown since. But not all plastic goods are created in the same way. There are various different manufacturing processes that can be used to create a plastic item, but only certain processes are viable for certain things.

Injection moulding is one of the most common processes used to create plastic goods. However, it is a process that is only economically viable if a very high output is going to be made. An injection moulding machine can convert plastic granules to a safety helmet in 40 seconds, that is 2160 in 24 hours, 5,120 in a week and 786,240 in a year. This is a high quantity of helmets being produced in a considerably short time-frame. When compared to other forms of plastic construction, injection moulding can create far more than most, and faster than most.


How Air Conditioning Units Are Designed Differently

Air conditioners were once considered a luxury, but now with the advances in manufacturing technology they are becoming a common appliance in most homes. This is in part because of the competitiveness of the industry, as manufacturers continue making units more affordable by increasing their efficiency and improving their components.

While air conditioners take many different forms, they all function in basically the same way. This is because of the wide variety of applications and power sources that can be used to create them. Despite this, most air conditioners are powered by an electric motor and pump combination. These components circulate refrigerant fluid through the unit. An alternate design involves natural gas-driven chillers, these combine the pump with a gas engine a gas engine in order to give off significantly more torque.

The refrigerant fluid that circulates through unit is what allows the heat exchanging process in the air-conditioning system to function. This fluid is pumped at high pressure through the air-conditioning system to an evaporator, here it changes into a gas state taking the heat from the fluid.

Why Billboards Are Used By Businesses

Almost everyone has seen a billboard, they are a common sight in cities and along the highways, which is why they are used by business companies. They are a perfect way to send a message about what a company can offer the passers by.

Billboards are often tactically placed in locations that make them easy to look at. Highways that see a lot of traffic and public transport stations are perfect spots for billboards. It’s easy to spend 5 minutes soaking up all the visual imagery on a billboard when you have to wait 15 minutes for the next train.

As billboard manufacture becomes increasingly sophisticated. More and more sign companies are taking advantage of market research data to optimize their billboards. The placement, size, imagery even the colours are all deeply analysed in order to increase the effectiveness of billboards. This is a trend that is likely to continue, as marketers seek out the most effective advertising mediums that people react to.