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How soon can we expect to see full automation in manufacturing

Automation has been going on in the manufacturing industry for generations, to the point where 10 people can now be as productive as what 100 people could do 50 years ago, at least in most industries. This then begs the question of how much further this can go, and how soon can we expect it.

For businesses engaged in the manufacturing industry, the answer to this question is never clear. If we were to make a concerted effort to see it happen, then it could probably be done now in most businesses, with the exception being a worker who looks after the equipment, but at this point in time it is uneconomical. As the costs of employment do periodically rise, we could see this change and it may also be impacted by improvements in technology which could also make it more economical.

Professional Appliance Repairs : A Guarantee for Convenience and Saving

As a property owner, you will agree and support the fact that appliance repair is usually a hassle especially when it gets you by surprise. This is mainly attributed to the fact that : Failure to plan for or foresee the need for such repairs is not only inconveniencing but also stands to leave a gaping type of wound in your already planned budget. Good news is, at the moment, there are several service providers who have specialized in making appliance repairs. They serve as a guarantee for the much needed help, ideas and top tips for getting your broken appliance back to its proper working condition.

Refrigerators are one of the many home appliances which require a lot of repair works which in most cases usually results from electrical faults (something which is way beyond the control of most home owners’ especially first timers). This being the case, next time your refrigerator breaks down, feel free to reach out to any professional, licensed and experienced appliance repair service for the much needed assistance in getting your appliance repair in case you are not in a position to afford a new one.  Read More

Textiles and Delicate Engraving

Silk, Cotton and lace are all very fragile materials and you may be surprised to know that they can be machine engraved today. Engraved designs are just as precise as they are on metal and wood, but textiles do require a very specialist machine because they’re so delicate.

Textile laser cutting machines come in a range of shapes and sizes and many clothes manufacturers use these kinds of machines. This goes to show just how diverse laser engraving machines are, and you do get a ludicrous amount of precision. Most of the time, these machines are operated by pressing the start button, and the difficult part is making the design and uploading it, not the using of the machine itself.

So if you spend too much time hand engraving fabrics, try using special textiles laser cutter engraver, it could save you a great deal of time and money in the long run.


Should You Choose Aluminium Fascia Panels

Aluminium fascia panels are most preferred when building or renovating homes. This is because aluminium does not rust and can be fitted below the roof more easily. The fascia panels that are made from this metal are very durable and do not need a lot of maintenance. You will not be required to paint or coat them so that they can remain protected for long. They are also cost effective and so easy to replace when they become worn out.

The fascia panels are resistant to weathering conditions that are associated with harsh winters. They are great for controlling ice dam buildup on the roof. During summer, these fascia panels are very great for controlling energy costs by maintaining proper balance of temperature in the interior attic. If the house does not have proper ventilation, there will be moisture problems as well as inefficient energy insulation especially in the overhang areas.

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Metal Detectors – more than just a fun gadget

Many children are fascinated by metal detectors, and while they’re seen as a bit of a fun gadget to some people, there are systems that are extremely powerful and sophisticated.


Some industries use conveyor belt metal detectors to ensure that no metal is passed through with other materials, while the food industry is well known for using this type of detector, to guarantee that harmful materials are passed thorough with food products. Metal detection systems come in all shapes and sizes, but the technology is very much the same and it’s helped the military to search for ammunition and weapons, which was the main reason it was invented in the early 1900s.

Some people have a hobby based around using a metal detector, and the largest gold nugget was found using a metal detector in 1977 by prospector Ty Paulsen.

Automotive Aerodynamics and Today’s Technology

When you look at some of the earliest cars form the 1900s you’ll notice that shape has changed dramatically over time, and that’s all to do with today’s technology and the developments in automotive aerodynamics.


It’s not just enough for a car to look good today, it should also be aerodynamic, meaning it’s designed to save fuel and move more efficiently. In the design stage of vehicle manufacturing, it’s crucial that the car has balance, down force and a slip stream. Some of the fastest sports cars reflect excellent automotive aerodynamics, such as the Bugatti Veyron.

Technology continues to develop and so do the many new models that hit the market, and we’re bound to see many more improvements in the near future in terms of automotive aerodynamics.