Category: Laser Machines

Who Uses Lasers?

Lasers are used all over the world, up to industrial levels. It is one of the most versatile modern inventions, and is applied to many different processes.

Lasers are made use of by various different industries, including: automotive, industrial, medical, military, aerospace and electronics. Each industry that uses lasers tends to use them in different ways. For example manufacturing industries may use lasers to weld and measure materials, where as in medical fields lasers are used to mark instruments or within medical equipment.

Lasers are often used by working professionals and can even be used at home. While they are not necessarily cheap, a laser can be easily purchased at a store or online and be used for cutting, etching and marking as well as many other applications. Lasers like these can engrave on many different kinds of metal, plastic, wood, or glass and are recommended for marking parts that are expected to experience high wear.


Modifying Plotting Machines For Other Uses

Many industry standard plotting machines can be modified for use on a variety of jobs. This is can be great for businesses that can’t afford to invest in new machines or as a method of making use of unused plotting machines.

The modification can be done by purchasing a kit for the modification you want. There are many kits available, from robot drawing modification kits to 3d constructor paint kits. All of these kits are installed in the same way and work to change the way the plotting machine was used previously.

As mentioned, the kits will need to be installed using pieces of the plotting machine and the components of the kit. Because of this a degree of technical knowledge is required in order to get the machine up and running.

Its important to make sure the modification kit is compatible with the plotting machine you want to modify. There are many variations available so mistakes can easily be made.